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Our Deep Clean Services

Calibre Cleaning Devon offer a wide range of Deep Cleaning services for any scenario. We are fully insured, highly trained, reliable and have a reputation for delivering high quality.

Deep Cleaning we provide is;

  • End Of Tenancy Cleaning

  • Commercial Deep Cleaning

  • Hoarder Cleaning & Clearance

  • Decontamination Cleaning

Who would need our Deep Cleaning Services?

  • Land Lords

  • Housing Associations

  • Private Tennants

  • Estate Agents

  • Commercial Clients

  • Family Members

  • Business Owners

  • Local Councils

  • Social Services

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End Of Tenancy Cleaning

What is an end of tenancy clean?


An end of tenancy cleaning refers to the type of clean required when a tenant moves out of a rented accommodation. This can be undertaken by either the tenant or landlord.

This is an important type of cleaning and essential to be undertaken before a new tenant moves in. This is also the leading cause of accommodation deposit disputes between tenants and landlords at the end of their contract.

In simple terms, it gives landlords security that the property is spotless and disinfected before new tenants move in.

As a tenant, you need to check your rental agreement thoroughly because an end of tenancy clean will most likely be a requirement in order to receive your deposit.

Calibre Cleaning Devon specialise in all aspects of cleaning and can help you with your commercial and or residential end of tenancy clean requirements. We work with many landlords and estate agents delivering this service directly, and know how to meet the expectation set in order for you to collect on your deposit without issue.

Can landlords charge a cleaning fee?


Cleaning costs are the most common deductions from property deposits. Most likely stated in the tenancy contract, the property should be returned in the same condition it has been let.

For example, an item can be worn and aged, but it is still expected to be returned cleaned.

As a tenant, if you have been cleaning the property before moving out thoroughly, then the landlord should not be expecting to pay the full charges of a professional service.

The cost for a professional tenancy clean depends on the size of the property and if it’s required any upholstery or carpet cleaning.

Do I have to pay for professional cleaning at the end of my tenancy?


As a tenant, there is no reason why you cannot undertake the cleaning duties yourself. However this can be time consuming and may add further stress to moving, which is stressful enough.

Before you go ahead and start a thorough clean, you should check the tenancy agreement and see what you are contractually obliged to deliver. There are cases where carpets, upholstery or even curtains are required to be professionally cleaned at the end of your tenancy.

There are also cases where your landlord or estate agent requires to see a cleaning receipt from a professional cleaning company to ensure that standards have been met.